LAWYER Naomi Liu
• 2002 •
She came to the University of Melbourne from China to study law straight away
• 2005 •
Earned NAATI Level 3 translation accreditation in Australia very early
• 2008 •
She was licensed as a lawyer and registered as a migration agent
• 2006-2014 •
Worked as an immigration lawyer at several major Australian law firms
• 2014-2015 •
Immigration Lawyer at Erskine Rodan & Associates
• December 2015 •
Established her own law firm Naomi Liu Legal Pty Ltd
She is also the legal consultant for two of the most established Chinese clubs in Melbourne, being Ningyang
Society and Lung Kong Association, both of which are located in Chinatown MELBOURNE. She has recently
been appointed the legal consultant of the Australia Guangdong Commerce Council Inc.

Lawyer Naomi Liu specializes in immigration, studying abroad, business migration, including Significant Invertor Visas, 132 visas, general business immigration 188 visas, business immigration permanent residence visas 888 visas, employer sponsored visas, independent skilled immigration, and appeal cases. She specialises in immigration law and complex cases. Lawyer Naomi Liu speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Lawyer Naomi Liu successfully assisted international students to apply for a sponsorship in a regional area and successfully obtained a permanent residence visa, and handled the case of how to maintain the permanent residence visa. Lawyer Liu also successfully assisted international students to obtain a 489 visa (cow commonly known as 491 visa). In addition, lawyer Naomi Liu successfully assisted the International Student with their AAT appeals and appeal at the Federal Circuit Court and resolved issues such as the legal stay of international students in Australia. Lawyer Naomi Liu is also good at handling appeals against student visa refusals. Lawyer Naomi Liu will guide international students on how to prepare documents for visa applications and related matters.

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