Resident Return Visa

Resident Return Visa

As we all know, holding an Australian Permanent Resident Visa (PR) allows you to live in Australia without restrictions and to enter and leave Australia freely within 5 years. However, after 5 years, if Australian permanent residents need to re-enter Australia, they need to apply for a renewal of 155 visa, that is, Australian residents return visa Resident Return Visa.

Who is eligible for the 155 visa?
All Australian permanent residents.

Who needs to apply for 155 visa? For example,
a. 132 or 888 visa visa expires or the first five years is about to expire, after expiration of visa applicants want to return to Australia.
b. The 155 visa has expired or is about to expire. The applicant wants to return to Australia after the visa expires.

It should be noted that if the 132 or 155 visa expires and the customer has been in Australia or outside Australia, but does not plan to return to Australia for a short time, it is not necessary to apply for a 155 visa.

What are the requirements for a 155 visa?
a. If you have accumulated 2 years in the past 5 years, you can renew the next 5 years.
b. If you cannot meet the above residence requirements, you can renew your visa for 1 year provided that you can demonstrate that you have substantial ties to Australia that are of benefits to Australia. If you have been absent from Australia for more than five years, you also need to prove that you have compelling and compassionate reasons for the absence.

● Business ties, that is, maintaining business operations in Australia.
For example, Mr. Y has registered a trade import and export company in Australia. He has been operating the company for the past 5 years and has export business and orders. He regularly traveled to Australia to participate in the company's operation and management, and finally obtained a 155 visa.
● Cultural connections, overseas exchanges of scholars, overseas activities of athletes, overseas meetings of priests, overseas performances of artists, etc. are good for enriching Australian life, increasing Australian visibility, and enhancing Australian image.
For example,S is a opera actor. She has traveled to Australia many times to exchange Chinese and Australian drama culture. She has finally obtained a 155 visa.
● Employment links, employed outside Australia by an Australian-related organization or company.
Mr. G was employed by an Australian company. Because his accompanying wife failed to meet the residency requirements in China, G provided the company's employment contract and recommendation letter and relevant employment certification, and finally obtained 155 visa.
● Personal ties,for example, those who have assets under their own name in Australia, and have made a certain contribution to the development of the Australian economy, such as the tax portion of rental income from real estate leases, etc. The Immigration Department will consider whether to issue a visa at its discretion.