Property Conveyancing

Property Conveyancing

Property conveyancing is generally the last step in real estate transactions. In the process of buying a property in Australia, the entire process of property conveyancing requires the involvement of lawyers from both the buyer and seller to protect the respective interests of the buyer and seller, and the entire transaction process is protected by law. Before the title of the real estate is transferred, buyers need to pay the relevant taxes in addition to the purchase price.

1. The lawyer submits the house purchase contract to the developer for signature and approval.

2. Australian real estate delivery time: if it is an existing house, 42 days. If it is an off-plan property, wait until the Australian property developer actually hands over the property.

3. Payment method: 90% of the balance (the loan and cash are based on the cash flow of the buyer), plus the remaining 50% of the lawyer's agency fee to the buyer's lawyer trust bank account, and pay the corresponding property stamp tax. The purchase is complete.

How much money should be prepared before the house is transferred?

In addition to paying for a house in Australia, there are many other costs that need to be paid. Most home buyers hope that we can give a clear amount to make adequate preparations before the house is officially settled.