Technical Immigrant

Technical Immigrant


Australian Skilled Migration Visa (Category 190)

Application requirements
A passing score of 65 (see the scoring method on the Australian Skilled Migration page)
● Under 45 at the time of invitation to apply
● Complete required skills assessment and IELTS
● Get a guarantee from the state government
● Invite visa invitation after submitting application letter of intent

Application benefits
● Permanent residence and work in Australia
● Can study in Australia
● Enjoy medical benefits
● Enjoy social security benefits after waiting period
● Have the opportunity to apply for an Australian passport
● Can become a sponsor nominated relatives to immigrate to Australia
● Free access to Australia within 5 years


Australian Skilled Migration Visa (Category 189)


The Australian 189 Skilled Migration Visa is also called Independent Skilled Migration. It does not require state guarantees and relative guarantees. After successful migration, you can settle in any place in Australia.

Project Benefits
● Permanent residence and work in Australia
● Training in Australia
● Enjoy local medical benefits, children go to public schools for free
● Can be used as a guarantor for relatives to immigrate to Australia
● Free access to Australia within 5 years
● Meet the specified conditions to apply for Australian citizenship

application form
● The applicant's job is on the Australian MLTSSL shortage list
● Achieve a minimum of 65 points on the Australian Skilled Migration page
● Age under 45
● Achieve qualified results in career assessment
● 6 points or more in all IELTS subjects
● Invited by the Australian Immigration Service after submitting an application letter of intent
● By physical and character screening



Australia's 491 new skilled visa for remote areas

The current Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa for Australian remote areas (instead of 489) will begin on November 16, 2019. The visa code will be changed to 491, and the new 491 visa will be valid for 5 years. The 491 visa is similar to the 489 visa. It is also divided into state government / territory guarantee and relative guarantee. It is suitable for those who want to travel to Australia through skilled immigrants, but for various reasons, they cannot reach 189 independent skilled immigrants and 190 state guaranteed skills Application for immigration requirements.

491 visa transition clause
489 visa applications submitted before November 16, 2019 will be processed normally in accordance with current requirements. After obtaining the 489 visa, you can still work in remote areas for 1 year and live for 2 years, and then you can obtain Australian permanent resident status by applying for the 887 visa.

491 visa requirements for remote areas
From November 2019, the Australian government will define a new definition of remote areas for the 491 visa: that is, within Australia, all regions except Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Perth can apply 491 Skilled immigrant visa for new remote areas.

491 visa bonus points
The 491 visa, which will be implemented on November 16, 2019, is compared to the existing 489 visa. There are slight changes to the bonus rules, as follows:

1. The main applicant is single, plus 10 points
2. The spouse of the main applicant is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, plus 10 points
3. The spouse of the main applicant is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, but has an English IELTS score of 4 6 points, plus 5 points
4, get a state guarantee provided by a state or territory, plus 15 points
5. The relative of the main applicant or spouse is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and lives in a remote area for a long time. If the relative is willing to provide guarantee for the applicant, 15 points will be added; Brothers and sisters (adoption, step), uncles and aunts (adopt, step), aunts and aunts (adopt, step), grandparents, cousins, cousins
6. Study in a remote area of ​​Australia for 2 academic years, and have been living in remote areas during the study period, plus 5 points (excluding distance education)
7. Have a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics in Australia, plus 10 points of work and life in the region