Set up companies and trusts


Tax, trust and private clients
Our firm's lawyers specializing in tax services provide clients with all legal services related to income tax, stamp duty and international tax arrangements. The scope of business includes:

Our firm's lawyers specializing in trust business provide various trust-related services to private and institutional clients, including providing legal advice on the rights and interests of trusts, including trustee responsibilities and compliance matters, for offshore trusts and related parties; Trusts (including offshore trusts) and advising on their management; and providing foreign exchange and tax compliance matters involving domestic employees and domestic companies in China legal advice.

Property and trust planning is essential to our high net worth clients. Our probate and estate management team has extensive experience in effectively handling probate and estate matters  overseas. The scope of work of our probate and estate management team includes providing professional advice on the establishment of trusts locally and overseas, and arrangements for dependant support in the event of death or incapacity of the person concerned. In addition, the firm also provides general administrative services such as drafting wills and applying for probate or estate management letters.


We serve private clients in the following areas

Set up a trust
Draft a will
Advising clients in the absence of a will
Property planning includes foreign elements and / or complex domicile issues and / or company equity structure
Application for Probate, Letter of Administration or Will with a Will
Application for a second or other grant
Apply for a seal of grant in a foreign country or send it to a foreign court for seal
Assistance in applying for estate court's management letter or probate
Draft family members' agreement on estate distribution
Draft property consent
Advice on estate management and distribution
Advising on use authorizations, living wills, court custody and adoption proceedings

Our will and estate management department will work closely with the litigation and dispute resolution department to ensure that we can provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of our clients.